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November 26, 2019


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Jackie Holmes

I thought about this earlier in the week, when I heard a 144 year old tree had been sacrificed (I believe) for the Capitol. It is sad. I'd rather enjoy the trees left in nature and celebrate the true reason for the season.

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie Holmes

Rita Hernandez

You can always buy an artificial one if you think this world is running low on trees. We are really far from it.

Rita Hernandez

Paul Nicholas

Are you saying that you are in favor of promoting the pagan belief in the magical life force of evergreen trees and the rituals associated with keeping the tradition alive? My problem with the whole concept of Christmas trees is that, first of all, Jesus wasn't born in December and, secondly, evergreen trees are not native to Bethlehem. Trees are thelungs of our Mother Earth. And so, if we must continue the practice of sacrificing them at the alter of tradition, then perhaps you're right: Artificial trees, as opposed to real, living, breathing trees are a much better alternative.



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