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February 07, 2020


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Stephanie Allen

Hey Cuz,

I read De Segregation Blues, this really brought back memories for me. How when I came along and went to Thomas Edison & graduated from Thomas Jefferson, the black community was still talking shyt, about us.(this was all in the late 70's) And this was mostly in the family, being that all of my family on my Mom's side had graduated from Lincoln. They did not realize how they hurt my brothers and my feelings, yet they were always talking MARTIN LUTHER KING AND THE DREAM, how hypocritical. Our people really have a problem breaking with Black Tradition.

We were just blessed to have a supportive Mom & Dad,who wanted the best for us. Paul it was very challenging when I entered the "white schools" in elementary school, these kids were way ahead of us, they were already studying subjects we had not even touched on, and they were teaching them to multiply and divide in the 3rd grade, while at Booker T, we were still only adding and subtracting, all of their books were new or practically new. Talking about a different world. Cuz, we really had some catching up to do.

After my school years ended, I realized something else that I learned and I know I could have never learned this in any book, "To really know any race of people, you have to be among those people,you have to interact with them, learn their ways, their ideals, talk to them, learn the way their game is played......My dad always said "White don't eat White" so true even to this day.

Love you,

Earl Nero


Great story. It brought back memories.


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